Can Ch. Boxken Passport to Fortune, Imp UK

Cause of Death: Bacterial Infection

What can I say about a dog that stepped off the plane and stole my heart? Rhett and I had an immediate connection that only continued to grow stronger the more time we spent together. Rhett loved to play frisbee with my husband, loved his favorite "DNA ball" and loved nothing more in the world than laying on my lap, letting the love pour out of his heart. He was a truly special boxer...I have yet to meet one that even comes close.

Sadly, we lost Rhett in January 2007 of a bacterial induced kidney failure - a bacteria got into his kidneys and destroyed them, rendering the organs incapable of doing the job they were designed to do. As is typically the case with kidney disease, by the time Rhett started to show symptoms it was too late to save his kidneys, though that didn't stop us from trying. Rhett passed from this world into the next with my whispers in his ear and all the love in my heart went with him.

Goodbye my Sweet Shadow...