Puppy Placement

As soon as our puppies are born, I start watching their growth and development. I keep track of which puppy walks first, which one climbs/falls out of the whelping box first, which puppy is the bully, which one is the push-over and everything in between. The reason I do this is so that when the time comes to place the puppies into new homes, I can ensure that the right puppy goes to live with the right family. This is of vital importance to me because if a family gets a puppy that is too laid back, or on the other hand, too dominant for their household, neither the puppy nor the family will be completely happy with the arrangement.

In my placements, I try to ensure that my puppies make it to their "forever" home on the first try; that they don't have to come back to find a new home when they are older. This is very hard on the family, myself, and most importantly, it is very hard on the dog.

When I am making the decision as to which puppy will go to which family, many factors come into play:

  • The family unit as a whole (children or adults only)
  • If there are children, how old are they and have they had experience with pets before?
  • How active is the family?
  • Has the family owned a dog, specifically a boxer, before?
  • Is the family willing to follow our diet and vaccine recommendations?
  • Is the family willing to spay or neuter their pet?
  • Is the family willing to allow us to show their pet?
  • What type of activities does the family want to participate in with their pet?

Of course, I also take into consideration the family's preference for color and gender, but I will not place a puppy I feel is unsuitable (for any reason) into a home simply because they "want a girl" or a "flashy brindle puppy". In cases where U don't feel we have a puppy that will suit your home, I may recommend another breeder with another litter, or I may recommend that you wait for our next litter.

In either case (you get a puppy or you don't), expect not to know which puppy you are getting until the litter is at least seven to nine weeks of age. I cannot make decisions about placement based on temperament or conformation prior to that time.

As a buyer, the choice is yours as to the breeder you want to deal with. If you don't like the way I place my puppies into their new homes, that is absolutely 100% your prerogative. I am more than willing to help you find a breeder you can trust. I completely understand that the way I raise, rear and place my puppies is not everyone's ideal. However, if you decide to purchase a puppy from me, my promise to you is that I will always be up-front and honest with you...even if I know you may not want to hear what I have to say.

If you are still interested in owning one of our puppies, please contact us and we will send you an application form. We typically have only one litter per year. For more information about upcoming litters, please go to our Puppies page.

All of our puppies are reared in our home, and are exposed to different sounds, objects, people and dogs during the ten to twelve weeks that they are with us. We believe that solid temperaments are built starting in the whelping box, and that socialization after the age of twelve weeks builds on those first lessons. Socialization (getting your puppy out and about) is vital to ensuring that your puppy has a good temperament. We strongly encourage our puppy owners to attend puppy kindergarten class and at least one level of general obedience.

We believe very strongly that longevity and the life long health of our dogs are directly related to feeding a raw diet and following limited vaccination protocols. Our puppies are weaned onto raw food, and preference is given to potential puppy buyers who are willing to work with us to ensure the continuing health of our puppies.